Meet the Founder of AÉDE, Ruth Robalino

Meet the Founder of AÉDE, <i>Ruth Robalino</i>

We chat with Ruth Robalino, the founder and owner of AÉDE about her brand, what inspires her and her favourite Rogue products. 

For Ruth Robalino, the founder and owner of AÉDE, hairdressing was a calling from an early age, starting her career at the budding age of 15. By the time Ruth finished school she was working full time, and had opened her own salon at just 24 years of age. 

Nearly 2 decades later, Ruth still has the same passion and drive for hair styling and the industry, and in particular hair health and education. It was only a matter of time before she would launch her own brand, offering a fresh perspective on what it really takes to achieve healthy, beautiful hair. We chat to Ruth about what drives her and how she approaches her brand AÉDE with a 'Rogue' perspective. 



Tell us about yourself

Hair has been my passion since childhood when I would visit salons twice a week with my mother who loved to treat herself to a blowdry. I landed my first role in a salon at age 15 and took the leap at age 24 to open my own. I’ve always been driven by the art and creativity of hairdressing but the ability to significantly shift the way a customer feels about themselves…there’s just no feeling like it. This translated into launching Aéde supplements 10 years later, with the goal of creating a solution that addressed hair heath from the inside out.

Fun fact: I have an obsession with Interior design and Architecture.


What does the term 'embrace your own' mean to you?  

The term ‘embrace your own’ for me is about following my own path and vision, allowing this to flow and change course. To feel the ups and downs and own it. The good, the bad and the ugly, knowing that each step is meant for me and will get me to where I want to be. Sometimes it’s necessary to drown out the background noise to get there and remember to trust yourself and the process.


How do you think you buck the norm in your job or industry?

Aéde supplements are designed with a professional angle in mind. The key factor for us was being able to create best-in-class supplements that hair specialists themselves would recommend.

At the time that I started dreaming up Aéde, most of us would have bought our vitamins and supplements from our local pharmacy, so the idea of selling supplements in a salon was certainly not the norm. This space has evolved so much and I feel super proud to be one of the first companies to bring that to salons and allow for a completely holistic experience when it comes to haircare.


Why do you think it's important to look beyond the traditional and embrace the new?

 We live in a constantly changing world and at this point in time, it feels like that change is moving at an exceptional pace! Put quite simply, I see the ability to embrace the new in all facets of life as essential. In a business setting it absolutely assists the development of your brand, team and customer experience and helps you to stay at the forefront of how you respond to customer needs and desires.


Curiosity and the desire to learn more is important for us a Rogue, how relevant or important is it for you in your field of work?  

I have been hairdressing for 25 years so creating a brand and moving into a world of products that stem around complementary medicine meant I needed to shift gears and really dive into learning something new. I absolutely loved the challenge and each day I learn so much from my incredible team and the people I am blessed to work with. Not only is the desire to learn more important to me personally but I also love to educate others. I really feel Aéde has given me the ability to share my new knowledge with others too.


How do you ensure you're providing the best quality work for your clients or customers?

For me, delivering high-quality products is non-negotiable and I will always place quality over quantity. We go above and beyond at Aéde to ensure this is the case from our bespoke formulations, how and where we source our raw materials, to our testing processes throughout each batch.

From our ingredients, to our packaging design and product education, we strive to offer customers a brand they can trust in and be a joy to experience as part of their individual wellness rituals.




As an artist, how and where do you get your inspiration?

This has certainly changed for me since venturing away from the salon floor and into the product space. Essentially, I think the fact that I am truly passionate about what I do makes it easy for me to be inspired by what will naturally lead to growth, both personally and within my brand. 

One of the key things that being a hairdresser has taught me is to listen, ask questions and keep an open mind. See everyone and everything as a new opportunity for inspiration.


What brands do you use from Rogue Beauty? Why do you like using those brands and products?

Oribe has to be one of my all time favourite brands (and I have worked with many) the range is diverse and is so beautiful to work with. I am a sucker for packaging, luxury and attention to detail and I think that Oribe embodies this in every way.

I have also recently been playing with R+Co BLEU and have loved everything I have tried so far. I really look forward to getting my hands on some more and having a play.


What's your favourite Rogue Beauty product and why?

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. I have been using it for years and love the way it maintains the brightness of my blonde and the hydration it gives the hair. The fragrance is also divine! I often follow this with the R+Co BLEU Reparative Masque for when I really feel like treating myself to some luxury and self care.


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