We invite you to Rogue Studios

We invite you to <i>Rogue Studios</i>

Earlier this year we launched Rogue Studios, the newest destination in Australia for hair education and events. 

At Rogue Beauty, we are passionately committed to the mission of driving our industry forward with purpose and innovation. On top of our comprehensive brand education offering, we are very proud to launch Rogue Studios, a platform and physical space for the entire hairdressing community to come together; learn, grow and even to launch their own education curriculum.

Dane & Stuart Reel Blondes Workshop at Rogue Studios

Empower your inner artistry

We invite you to take the reins, create your own content and drive your own education at Rogue Studios. The formula is simple, all you need to do is to create the education you want to offer.*

Our promise to you:

  1. Complimentary use of the Rogue Studios space, availability permitting
  2. Social content support, including social assets for your event
  3. Event planning support
  4. Catering provided
  5. Complimentary goodie bags (full of Rogue Beauty brands, of course) for your participants

*All we ask is that you work or own a Rogue Beauty salon and promote our brands and products during your education event.

Dane & Stuart Reel Blondes Workshop

Pictured: Dane Wakefield and Stuart Bane - Reel Blondes workshop presented by Rogue Beauty.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rogue Studios.

Find out more or enquire about Rogue Studios by emailing aaron@roguebeauty.com.au.


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